Clear approach

"The drive, inventiveness and content knowledge is remarkable. They really knew how to involve the private partners. Vellekoop & Meesters has a clear approach which allows me, as program manager, to maintain overview and grip on the large number of projects."
Frank Jan van der Valk
Program Manager Client Export
Vellekoop & Meesters creates state of the art information solutions. Our professionalism in creating durable analyses, designing creative solutions, and managing implementations help you achieve the desired result. Our solutions have strategic value. We provide tailor-made services. We elaborate on what is currently available and add to it what is possible. Our consultants are specialized in designing intelligent process architectures that utilize the essential assets of - and in close cooperation with - your organization. We close the gap between organizational ambitions and the use of modern technologies. We don't deliver stand-alone solutions. Our solutions are coherent, thorough, innovative and supported by the client organizations. Our expertise in business cases and implementation management helps you implement and anchor the solution in your organization's strategy.

The consultants of Vellekoop & Meesters combine their knowledge and experience of information science and architecture, economics and business administration, management and organization with knowledge specific to your market. Our expertise is based on scientific knowledge combined with practical experience and creativity.

We create superior results more quickly with our small teams of well-trained consultants who work together. This way Not only the business case but also the corresponding process is and remains economically justified for your organization.