"The drive, inventiveness and content knowledge is remarkable. They really knew how to involve the private partners. Vellekoop & Meesters has a clear approach which allows me, as program manager, to maintain overview and grip on the large number of projects."

Frank Jan van der Valk

Program Manager Client Export

"The success of Client Export is the result of team efforts. Vellekoop & Meesters has excellent analysts. They significantly contributed to reaching a ‘Champions League level' as a project team. The way in which they connect complex environments chain projects is extraordinary."

Lauran Matthijssen
Program Leader Client Export

Client Export: Intelligent digital agricultural export chain

Ministry of EL&I - Directorate Industry & Trade - nVWA

The Netherlands export agricultural goods all over the world. Dutch dairy products, flower bulbs, seed-potatoes, meat and meat products, and seeds are internationally renowned. The agricultural export involves a substantial sum: in 2008 it was about € 65 billion. The project Client Export is related to the export to countries outside the European Union; so-called third countries. This concerns about 500.000 shipments with a trade value of approximately € 8 billion.

In order to export agricultural goods to third countries, exporters require an export certificate. This is a certificate from the Dutch government declaring that the export shipment meets all the requirements of the importing country. The government grants the certificate only when the fulfillment of the criteria is assured. Criteria can be regarding animal health, plant diseases, hygiene as well as other quality aspects.

Governmental organizations and exporting agricultural companies have different interests in the agricultural export chain. However, they have a common chain interest as well: to preserve and strengthen the export position of Dutch goods on the world market.

In 2004 the government and export industry realized that the agricultural export chain can be organized more efficient, more intelligent and deliver higher quality. At that time, export certification was a paper-based process with a strict demarcation between government and industry. This resulted in needless administrative burdens, inefficiency and sometimes errors in the execution of export processes. The increasing digitalization of society, the increasing (inter)national attention for food safety and animal welfare and new more restrictive criteria on information about exporting goods demanded the optimizing of the agricultural export chain. The program Client Export was born.

More information about Client Export and an introduction film is presented at: www.clientexport.nl.