To develop a digital architecture for a multi-stakeholder environment is complex and abstract. At the same time it needs to be practical for the future users. This is a nearly impossible assignment. Nevertheless, the developed solution offers guidelines to map present and future IT-initiatives and to make choices. The first projects are running, offering greater branding of the Dutch Waterline and to facilitate knowledge sharing.
Arnold van Vuuren
Project director

Digital architecture supports multi-stakeholder environment

New Dutch Waterline

The unique Dutch Waterline consists of a large number of forts, castles and other buildings surrounded with nature and stretching from Pampus to the Biesbosch. For the purpose of preservation, management and development of the Waterline, five different ministries have joined together to establish a temporary project organization.

The Dutch Waterline is, in fact, a community consisting of multiple owners, (nature-) organizations, legislation agencies, and entrepreneurs such as proprietors, event agencies and tourist organizations. This community is continuously changing, the parties strongly differ in respect to each other, and there is no leading party.

Vellekoop & Meesters was approached to develop a suitable digital chain-architecture to support this complex multistakeholder environment. Offering direct support and future proof solutions. Covering the internal information management as well as the external information exchange.

Two European programs, concentrating on the preservation of cultural and historical inheritances (Collabor8 and Manage+), subsidize the activities of the Dutch Waterline. The programs are focused on international cooperation and exchange of knowledge. The Netherlands is, in fact, a front runner in the field of information management.

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