What I like about Vellekoop & Meesters' approach is that they carefully listened to our story and asked the right critical questions. What is remarkable is their professionalism. Without making conversations heavy, the right concerns are addressed. Their specific approach and the critical questions show their broad experience with organizational issues. At a flash you get an idea of where you stand and what aspects need improvement (maturity). What I find equally important, are "the findings in cohesion". Based on this, you can prioritize and see which items/issues can be addressed simultaneously. Vellekoop & Meesters has caused us to rethink a number of points. Moreover, we have gotten good tools for how we can move forward with The New Way of Working. The pleasant dose of humour made the discussions fun as well.
Peter Heezemans
Head ICT Natuurmonumenten

Quickscan The New way of Working for balanced organizational development


Natuurmonumenten wants to be a movement that cares for nature in the Netherlands. Their goal is to keep the Netherlands green and open so that we can continue to enjoy nature. The mission of Natuurmonumenten is to be a modern, knowledge-intensive organization that works efficiently as well. To achieve this, Natuurmonumenten wants to modernize their organization and processes further. Natuurmonuenten's management wanted to know how The New Way of Working can contribute to this and has asked Vellekoop & Meesters for advice.