This is a solid foundation for the developing organization. At the start we hoped to win a lot of support and commitment for the end result. It turned out to be even better, which is a great achievement because no matter how you go about it, there is always a burden to change.
Harmen Harmsma
directeur PD

Inspections improved through merger

Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (nVWA)

The three inspection authorities of the Ministry of Agriculture, namely the VWA, the AID and the PD, merge. This is a complex process spanning several years. One of the first phases is complete: the structuring of the business processes of the new organization nVWA. When an organization wants an architecture-driven approach, clarifying the organization's specific objectives of the is crucial. Vellekoop & Meesters delivered the methodic advice and facilitation in this process.

The General Inspection Authority (AID) is the ministry's enforcement unit dealing with wildlife, food safety and fishery. The Food and Product Authority (VWA) guards the safety of food and consumer products. The Plant Disease Authority (PD) safeguards plant health.

At the start of the merger process the three authorities had their own individual identities and vocabularies. Structuring of the business processes is needed in order to unify and brand similar business processes. The subsequent design phase of the new organization, secured that each business unit involved will work toward common objectives and results.