"We had clear reasons in approaching Vellekoop & Meesters with our request to introduce project-oriented work methods in the Ruud de Moor Center at the Open University. They have enormous expertise in this field. Project-oriented work methods are the core of their business. In addition, they have experience working with the central government, to whom we give an accounting for our work. They work for ministries as well as inspection authorities."
Mark Liedekerken
Program Manager OU

Improved educational budget accounting

Open University

The Ruud de Moor Center at the Open University in Heerlen supports the educational sector with services designed improve educational quality. For example, due to the teacher shortage, the center facilitates the training of necessary teachers coming from the business sector. .The scientific institute focuses as well on educational renewal in schools. In addition, the center offers online support in the workplace with methods, instruments and educational tools.

The Ruud de Moor Center, named after the Open University's founder, receives funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in order to perform its tasks. These funds must be responsibly allocated. Products and services must be realized with this funding, and the ministry requires an accounting. Because of this, the Ruud de Moor Center wanted to introduce project-oriented work methods to the scientific staff (professors and project members) and non-scientific staff. After all, project-oriented work methods increase the effectiveness, efficiency, transparency and accountability of an organization. Vellekoop & Meesters guided the change.