Our framework: IRIS™
Our consultancy is based on a combination of the scientific insights from organizational and informational theories, management practice and comprehensive knowledge of our customers' environments. We have structured this knowledge into a framework: IRIS.

IRIS™ stands for Innovation, (Re)organisation, Implementation and Structuring. This framework helps to implement changes in a structured, controlled and responsible way. The main characteristic is the alignment of the capabilities with the ambitions of your organization.

Principles of IRIS are:

  • Mission, policy and operations represent the organization's ambitions.
  • Capacity, infrastructure and (personnel) organization represent the capabilities.
  • Time and money are the lubricants to align the ambitions and the capabilities.

Mission: Where there's a will, there's a way
Having a firm grasp on the objectives, having a mission, is the starting point for purpose driven operations. In IRIS™ the mission remains the centre of the analysis. It gives the strategy colour. It also determines which activities are needed in the business operations to carry out policy and strategy. With IRIS™ we structure what an organization wants to achieve and what has to be done for its accomplishment. Independent of existing solutions. This creates room for innovation.

Capacities: Organizations underestimate their capabilities
Making the most out of the existing workforce and assets is both smart and efficient. Within IRIS™ we structure how we can optimally use these capacities to achieve your mission.

From ambitions to capabilities
In the procedures (i.e. business systems), all the choices regarding the allocation of staff and assets in performing the business processes merge. Business systems, therefore, link ambitions and capabilities. IRIS™ defines business systems, clearly specifying their objectives and interrelations. This makes choices clear and manageable.

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