Our method is designed to achieve the desired results by changing only what is absolutely necessary. No more. No less. That is why we structure innovations objectively based on the facts. This is visible in the development of products such as process architectures, business cases and governance models. However ambitious the goals, we always keep the change manageable. This results in change and innovation that's on target without being threatening.

How can our specialism work optimally for you? Together we determine your objectives as well as the results that will be met. We'll verify together what your organization wants to - and is able to - accomplish with your current staff. We'll also decide what roles and activities are expected of Vellekoop & Meesters' consultants. This is how we'll create the ideal combination of external expertise and current and available resources in your organization.

We'll realize this transformation process in close cooperation. We transfer our expert analyses into long term solutions thereby realizing significant improvement and changes that really make a difference . Our expertise and cohesive implementation management ensure realized commitment and change. We stir up what's necessary and leave undisturbed whenever possible.