At Vellekoop & Meesters, quality starts the moment you walk through the door. We work with academic and highly qualified consultants who express their craftsmanship through thoroughness. People with the knowledge and skills to excel in methodical foundations, in resolution, and in achievement. People who are themselves proud of their customers' accomplishment and are therefore willing to walk the extra mile. Due to the extensive experience and proficiencies, we always have the right consultant and/or team for every assignment.

Contributing to substantial improvement for customers requires long term partnerships. This is only possible with exceptional quality. The foundation is the capacity of our consultants to approach change from the business perspective and to complement this with sound knowledge and understanding of state of the art technology. We always position problems in a methodical context in order to ensure excellent solutions.

We are transparent. You know exactly what we are doing. Our communication is clear; we bring you along with from problem to the solution. Our commitment goes beyond availability. Our consultants knowledge, proficiency and passion ensure independent and exceptional solutions.

Our approach is based on extensive information exchange; both internally among advisors as well as with the client organization. We have an extensive knowledge- and quality management system, a knowledge database, monthly plenary meetings and quality controls per assignment.

Vellekoop & Meesters is ISO9001 certified.