Trainings create effective application management

"The trainings provided better grounded demand management within the Regional College. It helps the functional application managers in performing their tasks. The application management is more and more embedded within the organization, resulting in effective application management. There is greater awareness of the procedures and application functioning in its environment. The functional application managers have acquired a vital position because they are a stable factor within the service management organization."
Ans van Wissen
Advisor ICA: Regio College
Making information work for organizations, supported by IT. That's what our work is all about. Whether it concerns reliable delivery management, redesigning the information household, a merging process, effective authority enforcement, or creating new alliances between public and private organizations: we contribute in terms of content, process and management. We manage the methodical anchoring ensuring all parties involved maintain a common understanding.

Our consultants' primary focus is content: objective, factual and with a sharp eye for differentiating between essential issues and inessential issues. A good understanding of the content results in better project management and more efficient business processes. We don't just gain and maintain overview, we gain insight as well.

We deliver expertise in the following areas:

• Methodical supervision
• Architecture management (business and information architectures)
• Process, organization, and information analyses
• Business cases
• Program, project and interim management
• Chain information processes

These are the roles we are specifically qualified in.. This is proven in the academic level as well as the practical knowledge and experience of our consultants. It is also seen in the appreciation of our clients both during as well as after the realized change.